IMPACT Fellow Ship Program Bangladesh

The tools of public health have advanced rapidly in recent years with the development of improved vaccines, drugs, diagnostic techniques, combined interventions, communications, and technologies. In low- and middle-resource countries, there is a shortage of middle and senior public health officials who possess the management competencies needed to run programs and ensure efficient and effective health system operations. Without strong management, critical global health initiatives fall short of their goals. Improving Public Health Management for Action (IMPACT) will grow a cadre of highly trained public health managers in Bangladesh to work with scientists, advance health agendas, and improve health outcomes using the newest tools of public health.

In 2013, CDC conducted a rapid assessment of public health management needs, priorities and challenges in each of the 46 countries with a CDC presence. 30 of 31 respondents expressed a need for improved training at this level. Based on the country responses and other follow up by the IMPACT Team, six countries (Bangladesh, Botswana, Ethiopia, Georgia, Kenya, South Africa) were selected because no major constraints for implementation were listed and strong support was indicated by CDC and the MoH. Additional validation was made though follow up with the country and within CDC. In-Country readiness assessments were completed in five out of six countries by June 1. In 2014. Bangladesh and Kenya were selected as first successful pilot sites for funding beginning January 2015 for pre-launch preparation and 2016 training program launch.

Through IMPACT, CDC is partnering with Bangladesh Ministry of Health and Family Welfare to create a cadre of well-trained mid-level public health professionals who will improve health program management in the country. IMPACT will differ from existing management training models by leveraging CDC’s strong relationships with Ministries of Health, with a focus on developing long term, sustainable, country-owned programs.

The IMPACT program builds on CDC's previous Sustainable Management Development Program, which operated from 1992-2012.